About WYC

For sixty five years the Whyalla Yacht Club has been actively promoting the sport of sailing from its original club out at the shipyard basin to its present location at the marina.

The club caters for new members, both senior and junior with our sail training aiming to get as many people out on the water enjoying themselves in our pacer / 125 fleet or on the keelboats.

Also for members there is the social side of the club of which has a fine reputation around the Gulf for its excellent catering and friendship, we have been recipients Of the Best Town and Club Award each year of the annual Gulf Trip, a ten day cruise every March.

Sailing in any form, being racing or just cruising, is an excellent way to keep healthy and fit, meet new friends and learn new aquatic skills.

A good way to get started is to contact the club, 86440994 and leave a message. We would be happy for you to drop in around lunchtime on a Saturday to check out our sailing or come for a cold drink on a Monday or Friday night.

Welcome Aboard.

Office Bearers

President: John Casey
Commodore: Neil Ward
Vice Commodore: Tony Worby
Rear Commodore: Marilyn Murray
Secretary: Catherine Worby
Asst. Secretary: Diana Jeffery
Treasurer: Trish Casey
Function Coordinator: Neil Ward
General Committee: Abe Casey, Greg Johnson, Daniel Thwaites, Ian Sudholz, Grant Jeffery


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